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Bath Lifts - Benefits And Tips

The advantage of bath lifts cannot be measured as they are extremely beneficial to anyone who has issues with mobility. The fact that experts have said that more accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other room of the home is testiment to the importance of safety.

A bath lift can be beneficial to an older person who is not so steady on his or her feet any longer, and may need help in the bath but still wants to be independent. They are also ideal for those who are sick and may be feeling lethargic, or for people who are temporarily laid up due to a broken bone or other injury. Whatever the case, there are several things to consider before making the choice to install a lift for the bath.

Benefits Of A Bath Lift

Bath lifts are equipment that can actually lower or lift someone in and out of the bathtub. The device has been used in hospitals and nursing home settings for many years, but is now growing in popularity in home health settings and in private homes as well.

In addition to helping an immobile person in and out of the tub, it reduces the risk of slipping and falling which reduces the risk of injury. A lift like this will take the pressure off a body that may not be strong enough to handle the strain at the time, and makes it easy both to bathe and to retain independence while doing so.

How Lifts Work

Bath lifts are incredibly easy for anyone to operate, which is why it is ideal for elderly people, as well as anyone suffering from more temporary disability issues. After sitting down on the lift, the simple press of a button will allow the individual to lower themselves down into the bathtub. Another button will lift the individual up further, to a level where it is easy to get out of the bathtub safely. Most of the devices have an inborn mechanism that allow users to be sure that there is enough power to lift the person sitting on it back up to a proper height.

Installing A Bath Lift

These lifts are very easy to install and are designed so that there is no need to screw anything into the walls of the bathtub or shower stall. No drilling is needed, nor is it necessary to change or alter any of the fixtures currently in the bathtub or shower, which is a welcome relief.

Typically, suction cups or sturdy platforms, generally made out of aluminum, are used to install the lifts; even when suction cups are used, the lift remains quite secure and safe. Because of the easy installation process, it is also simple to remove the bath lift so that someone else can use the bath.

Types Of Lifts Available

There are a variety of different lifts for a bath that are available depending on how much you want to spend or the type you would prefer.

The most common lift looks a little like a standard straight-backed chair, thus providing an extra amount of stability. However there are also lift chairs with backs that recline, which makes for a more relaxing experience in the bathtub. And you can also find revolving lifts, which allow the user to turn 180 degrees – allowing for a little more freedom in mobility.

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